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Asbestos Inspection & Registers

Asbestos Inspections

Maryborough/Hervey Bay building and pest inspections can carry out professional asbestos inspections. Marcel will take specimens for laboratory examination to compile an asbestos audit to include a register, condition report and a management plan for any Asbestos Containing Materials  found during the inspection process to comply with Government legislation.

Asbestos Registers

An individual or entity with management or control of a workplace must ensure asbestos at the workplace is identified; the location of asbestos is to be clearly indicated and recorded in a register and has a documented asbestos management plan if asbestos has been identified at the workplace.

An asbestos register is not required if the building was constructed after 31 December 1989 and no asbestos has been identified at the workplace and asbestos is not likely to be present.

The asbestos register must be maintained so the information in the register is up to date and be readily accessible.

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