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Have you just built the house of your dreams, or are you in the process of having a new structure built? If you're not a builder yourself, how can you be sure that the structure is of sound quality and you're getting what you paid for? You don’t have to take your builders word for it; we can provide you with a comprehensive handover report. Handover reports, sometimes called practical completion reports, are a service we provide to ensure you get exactly what you’ve paid for. Our professional inspectors thoroughly assess your new build for any defects so that they can be fixed up before you take possession or sign off on job completion.

Even the most reliable and qualified builders can have slip-ups, so it's worth protecting yourself from future bills and inconvenience by getting a handover report before the builder’s rectification period finishes. That way, you avoid any interruptions once you have moved in.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that because it's a new-build the property is protected from pests either. Regardless of whether the structure is new or old, pests, like termites, can sometimes move in faster than you can! How is that possible if there was a termite barrier? Well, these protective barriers are installed early on in the build and can be damaged throughout the build process, leaving your property a prime target for infestation.

For a comprehensive handover report, call us on 1800 466 456 or email us today.

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