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Pre-purchase Pest Inspections

The pre-purchase pest inspection is not just an opportunity to have your potential property checked for existing hidden defects such as timber pest infestations, the existence of fungi, and chemical delignification, but also gives you insight into what might lead to issues in the future. Our professional pest inspectors can pick up on risk factors that can lead to an infestation.

Timber pests commonly infest buildings that have:

  • Excessive moisture
  • Inadequate sub floor ventilation
  • Untreated or unsuitable timber
  • Breaches of termite barrier system

Our reports will give you information about past and present infestations, and how to prevent future risk. Our inspections are comprehensive including assessment of all landscape timbers (including fences), the inside and outside of the building, roof space and sub-floor. Nothing will be overlooked.

To organise a Timber Pest inspection, call us on 1800 466 456 or email us today.

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