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How We Protect Your Home

We can provide the peace of mind that comes with a comprehensive report detailing the condition of your property, and we can protect your home for the future. We'll go under your house, inside your roof and from wall to wall to ensure you have a full and reliable report.

Getting termite treatments is the responsible and less expensive long-term option for property owners in the Hervey Bay and Maryborough region. The worst-case scenario is finding termites, however, never fear because we have multiple treatments options for everybody's budget.

How do we get rid of termites?

We use Termidor to eradicate termites from your property. Termidor is the most popular termicite in the US and is proven to be both effective and very safe in Australia too. A licensed pest controller will responsibly and effectively distribute the chemical on the soil surrounding the property. This treatment kills termites if they attempt to infest or re-infest the building and can save you plenty by reducing the risk of expensive timber repairs from termite infestation.

Termidor, rather than just a repellent, is lethal to termites. It is especially affective in eradicating entire colonies, and does so through its non-detectible properties. Termites cannot detect the poison, so at high concentrations the pests are killed quickly, and at low concentrations the poison is spread. The lower concentration exposure of Termidor has a delayed lethality allowing termites that come in contact with it to become "carriers" that spread the poison further throughout the colony through their regular physical contact in everyday life. This means that eventually the entire colony will be eradicated, reducing your risk of future infestation.

Using Termidor means that not only do you eradicate an existing infestation, but you also gain a prevention method as the chemicals in the soil treatment stick around for many years, as Termidor acts like a moat around a castle.

How do we protect your home against termites?

While the chemical barrier provides the largest defence against termite infestation, the little pests are very sneaky; they can move through the tiniest break in the chemical barrier. To ensure a continuous barrier sometimes extra steps are necessary but first things first, get the inspection. So get in touch today!

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