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Dilapidation Surveys

Is your home or building protected from nearby construction or development works? Don’t risk disagreement over damage resulting by neighbouring development or demolition. Defend yourself and have a licenced building inspector undertake an all-inclusive survey of your home and be issued a comprehensive report.

Nearby construction or demolition work can result in damage to your home or property, would you be able to prove it in court?

Building work such as new home construction and renovations (Sometimes on property boundaries), infrastructure projects, road works or demolitions can result in building flaws in adjoining structures if the precautions aren’t appropriated. Deflection brickwork or driveways, damaged fences, water entry or damage to landscaping can all result in expensive repairs, but how can you prove that the neighbouring building work has done the damage?

Defend yourself from reconstruction costs with a Dilapidation Survey.

A Dilapidation inspection Survey Report is a special purpose property inspection report initiated to provide an imaged appraisal of restorative fabric defects and structural faults; these are or could be associated to movement of the structure or fabric, of the particular building evident on the day of the inspection before to the undertaking of adjoining construction and or demolition.

An experienced building inspector will survey the property condition prior to works commencing and assemble a photographic document of pre-existing faults. If damage is noted to your property after the construction or demolition starts, your Dilapidation Survey will help you get the damage repaired or support any potential claim for costs to repair if need be. Also if you are the company undertaking such works this could protect you from false claims or court action to damage you were not responsible for.

A precise report by an independent building inspector will help your avoid lengthy disagreements and costly repairs having to be paid by you.

Dilapidation Survey Benefits

A survey of the building and property by an independent building inspector conducted before the commencement of nearby construction or demolition work.

An all-inclusive report detailing pre-existing faults so that any new faults can easily be determined.

Our Accredited Building Inspectors Are

  • Highly-experienced construction consultants.
  • Quality endorsed by the Master Builders and the IBC.
  • Covered by Rapid solutions $5 million professional indemnity and $10 million public liability insurance policies.


QBCC Builder - Medium Rise License Number 1048753

QBCC Completed Residential Building Inspection License Number 1048753

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